What's your reference
for lifelike music in your home?
For us at CDT Audio, it’s playing the guitar for over 40 years. It’s playing brass in jazz bands and orchestras. It’s singing and playing in rock bands and vocal groups ever since the Beatles appeared.

The point is that we LOVE how live music sounds. We KNOW how we want it to sound in our homes. We know how a12-string guitar should sound different than a 6-string, how the crisp snap of a snare drum and the sizzle of the cymbals should make you jump. Music Staging Technology from CDT Home Audio Systems can now give you this live music experience.

Our new approach to creating a more realistic electronic sound environment in your home is called Music Staging Technology, or MST.
This enables anyone to easily make their home audio system sound much more lifelike.

We have engineered new components and system designs that enable you to more closely replicate the live music sensation as in staging, depth, dimension, and recreating the sheer size of the musical performance. We have discovered how the use of unique and proprietary Six-Octave+ frequency range accent drivers can expand your musical experience in spaciousness, liveliness, and more lifelike presentation.

The heart of MST is the unique Stage Manager control unit. It allows you dial in the right amount of staging accent via the Six-Octave+ accent driver. The end result is simply the most effective musical imaging system available today.

MST Music Staging Technology for Home Entertainment Audio