MST Six-Octave+

MST Six-Octave+ accent speakers and the Stage Manager controller are perfect for a wide variety of installations. They work great for improving existing systems as well as they do when creating a new sound system with MTS by installing a woofer in the door.

With the MST Six-Octave+ accent speakers up front, with the main/existing front speakers, or if you installed a woofer in the door to create a new sound system, the Six-Octave+ drivers send small but accurate audio cues to your ears.They deliver an amazing Six-Octave+ range, covering 200Hz to 20,000Hz with no crossover, and enable your ear/brain to perceive a more lifelike image than any audio system yet devised.

The Stage Manager controller sends just enough audio cues to enhance your perception of the music imaging and also adds speed, power, and image size to your front stage performance.